A Southern Wind Blew To Complete The Beauty In Whatever Season of the Rose

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Season: November—April. Inspiration : The light pink hue is a true coral color, making it the perfect addition to a pretty summer wedding bouquet.

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See more amaryllis photos from real weddings. Greek mythology has two legends about the anemone. These jewel-toned flowers were said to have sprung up from the blood that was shed by Aphrodite's lover, Adonis, when he died. The ancient Greeks also believed that Zephyrus, the god of the west wind, favored the bloom, hence its other name: windflower. Season: November—May; primarily spring.

Inspiration: Planning a black and white wedding? You'll have white blooms a plenty, but there are very few black varieties.

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Look to white anemones with black centers for some contrast in your florals. See more anemone photos from real weddings. This flower is perfect for fleshing out a classic wedding bouquet or arrangement. It has clusters of small, star-shaped blossoms bursting from a leafy green stem and is very delicate. Season: year-round. Inspiration: If you like bouvardia, supplement with some stephanotis blooms as well. They share a similar structure, but vary just enough to catch your eye. Also known as the arum lily, this trumpet-shaped blossom originated in Africa and symbolized "magnificent beauty" to the Victorians.

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Two types are commonly available: one with a large head and a long, smooth stem, suitable for tall arrangements or presentation bouquets; and a miniature version ideal for nosegays and boutonnieres. Season: year-round, winter to late spring is the peak. Inspiration: Calla lilys have a sturdy, strong stem. Consider using them to add height and additional structure to tall centerpieces.

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See more calla lily photos from real weddings. A symbol of loveliness and beauty, this multipetaled relative of the tea plant was originally from China. The flower had a notable role in Verdi's opera La Traviata , which he adapted from the play The Lady of the Camellias.

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In the story a courtesan named Violetta always wore a white camellia, except for the few days of the month when she was "not available" and donned a red camellia instead. Season: late winter to early spring, fall. Inspiration: Think of camellia's as a cross between ranunculus and peonies. In other words, it's great swap for out-of-season stems. Don't turn up your nose at the common carnation—this long-lasting flower is full of possibilities for weddings. The ruffled-heads look offers an inexpensive way to bring lushness and color to bouquets and arrangements.

When massed, they also make a pretty bouquet of their own. Carnations have a long history; they were reportedly used to make ceremonial crowns in ancient Greece, and they were on hand at the wedding of Maximilian of Austria, the emperor of Mexico —67 , symbolizing marital bliss. Today, more than species in large, single blooms and miniature spray varieties are available. Colors: white, yellow, apricot, pale pink, dark pink, red, burgundy, also bicolors and flecked. Inspiration: Flower walls and stand-out arrangements call for hardy and long-lasting blooms, which are two things carnations are known for.

About a thousand varieties of long-lasting, versatile mums can be found in single blossoms or sprays. The mum has been cultivated in the Far East for more than 2, years, even making appearances in the writings of Confucius. What it lacks in sweet perfume, it makes up for in a range of bold colors. Inspiration: When arranged en masse, small flowers have a striking effect. Decorate your aisle with pomanders of button chrysanthemums to give your guests some eye candy as they shuffle into their ceremony seats. Named the coxcomb due to its resemblance to a rooster, this vibrant flower is sure to make a statement.

Inspiration: Paired with dahlias and garden roses, these three flowers with their unique architectural components create eye-catching centerpieces. In medieval lore, it was believed that a girl who placed a cornflower beneath her skirt could have any bachelor she desired—which is perhaps how the flower acquired its other name, bachelor's button.

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Its button head and colorful legend make it a charming boutonniere flower for groomsmen. Inspiration: Offset bigger headed blooms like peonies and garden roses with small additions of cornflowers in centerpieces and bouquets. Brides hoping to capture the look of a summer garden in full bloom would succeed with cosmos. This daisylike flower grows in shades of pink and magenta on long stems with feathery foliage.

A striking chocolate color is also available and can be used to create rich, late-summer arrangements. Season: mid summer—fall. Inspiration: For a little twist on traditional daisies, look to cosmos to offer a modern-looking aesthetic.

http://kgroupeg.net/docs/upshur/xypyq-impuls-partnervermittlung-serioes.php Shakespeare and Wordsworth both created rhapsodies about this humble bulb flower. The daffodil and members of its family, including the narcissus and the jonquil is a flower of true variety—blooms can be single or multiple, with large or small cups, in solid colors or in combinations of white and yellow with touches of orange. Inspiration : We love the look of bright, sunny orange and yellow arrangements. Add daffodils into the mix with ranunculus for a summer-ready bridal bouquet. These bold, bushy flowers have a history as dramatic as their appearance. Conquistadors found the dahlia in the gardens of the Aztecs and caused a sensation when they brought the flower back to Europe.

As the dahlia gained popularity, the pursuit of its potatolike tubers was conducted with intrigue and deception—dahlia tubers were reportedly stolen even from the garden of the Empress Josephine. Season: summer—early fall. Inspiration: Look no further for the perfect fall bloom. Arrange with globe thistle, scabiosa pods and Queen Anne's lace for a whimsical, un-done bouquet. See more dahlia photos from real weddings. You may find the daisy a fitting flower for your wedding if you plucked its white petals in a game of "he loves me, he loves me not" as a child.

Generally available year-around, the affordable daisy is a lovely and whimsical flower for a casual wedding. Inspiration: Is there anything more cheerful than a vaseful of daisies?

We think not. See more daisy photos from real weddings. A classic in English cottage flower beds, the delphinium has towering spires and clustered florets. The delphinium and its sister, the larkspur, lend a country-garden feel to wedding arrangements while adding height and drama.

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Delphiniums can be found year-round, but most colors are at their peak from summer to early fall. Inspiration: If you're a fan of monochromatic color pairings, look no further than the vivid blue delphinium—it's the perfect addition to powder blue hydrangeas, tweedier or thistle. See more delphinium photos from real weddings.

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  • Widely available, this flower shouldn't be overlooked just because it's fairly common; its versatility and wide range of colors make it a wonderful flower at weddings. Dutch tulips have shorter stems and smaller blossoms than the French tulip. Season: November—May. Inspiration: Tulips are classic, but that doesn't mean your arrangements have to be—mix in some statement details like pheasant feathers for an edgier look. See more tulip photos from real weddings. A favorite of perfumers for its fresh, fruity scent, freesia packs a lot of fragrance in just a few blossoms.

    The green buds clustered along the thin, arched stem open gradually into delicate flowers.