Anleitung zur Frühdemenz (German Edition)

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As a gallery with years of international experience, we have a large network of most prestigious international design galleries and international collectors, from which you can benefit first hand. Our current focus is on the early work by Charles and Ray Eames. Zieta Prozessdesign develops design in new technologies. Unique products are created as a result of experimenting with innovating forming methods.

Oskar Zieta has been honored with multiple awards related to the design and new technologies. The Wire Magazine called his designs "furniture of the future". Why does it matter? Which German tonguetwisters do you know? Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, We are happy to announce the next scholars of our summer school programmes at various locations in Germany.

We wish them a wonderful stay in Germany. Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, Join us at 4pm for this month's edition of our regular Introductory sessions. May Are you interested in various kinds of funding your studies in Germany? Go and try it! Painkillers - The expert's view Michael Schenk treats patients suffering from pain. He discusses the most effective treatment options. Climate change compounds hunger, conflicts, German aid group says Climate change added to warfare is worsening hunger worldwide, according to one of Germany's largest aid groups.

Welthungerhilfe has said many poor have "no more reserves or resilience left" when hit by extreme weather. Intense heat wave hits northern Europe Record temperatures have begun in northern Europe this week, with authorities in Germany and France on alert. Experts have said heat waves are on the increase worldwide, further evidence of climate change.

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German scientists say spinach chemical should be banned from sports Popeye guzzled spinach to get his superhuman strength. But the plant's power-boosting properties aren't just fiction. German scientists say spinach has a steroid-like chemical that should be added to the doping list. Germany's Bundesliga to impose mandatory brain scans for footballers Medical experts have demanded annual brain screenings for all footballers playing for first and second division clubs in Germany.

They also recommend checking youth players, according to Bild newspaper. German court halts space experiment on hamsters A German university's space travel experiment has been put on ice for now, as it would have cost the lives of dozens of hamsters. The court said there were still unanswered questions about the ethics of the animal tests. Sweet dreams are made of this: 5 facts about sleeping Some people claim they only need four to five hours of sleep a night.

After that, these super-humans say, they wake up nice and refreshed, ready for the challenges of a new day!

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From a health standpoint, that's bogus. Farhad Djabbari has been practicing yoga for a long time and has introduced many students to the benefits of the ancient practice. In Good Shape host Carsten Lekutat got the instructor to show him some poses. Noise pollution in cities Urban centers are usually loud. But when do the sounds of the city become noise?

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And why is that a problem? DW reporter Anna Sacco went in search of answers and a bit of peace and quiet in the urban jungle. Blood donation: Everything you've ever needed to know Can cigarette smokers donate blood? Am I going to pass out?

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Can I drink booze afterwards? Should I eat beforehand? Am I old enough? Here's everything you ever wanted to know about blood donation on World Blood Donor Day. Germany: Gay conversion 'therapy' ban presented There are believed to be about 1, cases of such interventions in Germany each year. Carl Hagenbeck: The inventor of the modern animal park No bars, no high fences: It's thanks to Carl Hagenbeck that most zoos today look that way.

June 10 marks his th birthday. But he also had other controversial ideas for his parks: exhibiting humans as well. Color and the health sector The Helios university hospital in Wuppertal is conducting a two-year study on the impact of color on health, trying to find out if the color of hospital rooms affects patients' recovery. Kids in Germany to name exoplanet, star German schools, kindergartens and amateur astronomers have been asked to come up with names for two heavenly bodies.

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The huge exoplanet and its star currently go by the unpoetical catalog numbers HD and HD b. Germany: Who let the bugs out? Biologist Peter Katz has been breeding insects for decades to fight against plant pests. And although convinced of the value of his tiny army, he doesn't believe feeding the world is possible without pesticides. Erectile dysfunction - an expert explains Urologist Dr. Tobias Pottek explains when men with erectile difficulties should see their doctor.

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What are the possible causes of erectile dysfunction, and how can it be treated? Forbidden fruit: The curious early history of apples As mundane as the apple may seem, its history involves enormous animals, the Ice Age, the Silk Road and a huge role in the stories we tell. Vaping —the biggest 'field study' in the health sector Many see e-cigarettes as a way to quit smoking, but they, too, can cause a whole host of health problems.

Though e-liquids contain fewer known toxins, we have yet to find out what the long-term effects will be — in what one researcher calls the 'biggest field study' worldwide. Smoking or vaping: e-cigarettes as a lesser evil Smoking's out, steaming's in. Both are indisputably unhealthy, but is one better than the other? Supporters of smoke alternatives say they aren't as bad as traditional tobacco cigarettes. But is there any truth in that? Interview - Pancreatic diseases