Autobiography: The Federal Edition (With Active Table of Contents)

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This will ensure ideal readability and font scaling. Check the font hinting and metrics on embedded fonts to avoid layout problems.

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Be sure to test them to avoid layout issues and cropped text. This section describes asset requirements for video and audio and how to embed the content for EPUB books only. For audio and video requirements for books created with iBooks Author, see the knowledge base articles on the Apple Support Site:.

How to Create a Table of Contents in PDF

Important: When sending books with embedded audio or video content, keep in mind that the maximum file size for the. For usability's sake, the maximum recommended size is MB. Larger files take longer to download and may become unwieldy on older devices. Apple recommends that audio be encoded using iTunes as follows with.

See Embedding Audio and Video for an example of embedding audio. Important: All videos must begin and end with at least one black frame. All encoded content must include pixel aspect ratio pasp that defines content as either or Select the H. When using the anamorphic encoder instructions, select the gear across from the Aspect Ratio scroll and select X This creates a Pixel Aspect value that appears in the Geometry pane. Click the Preview button on the Compressor Batch window to verify the accuracy of the crop values and also to access the source and setting buttons to test the results of the aspect ratio setting.

The posterframe is the image that displays inline in the book. It is usually a clip or frame from the video. The posterframe should be the same size and aspect ratio as the video. The maximum file size for the. The larger the file is, the longer it will take for a consumer to download your book. It may take longer for your book to appear on Apple Books because the files need to be checked by Apple for quality control purposes. Note that audio and video files do not have DRM applied in the final book, regardless of contract or the metadata; however, DRM is applied to the text in the book.

Fallback video content is not currently supported. If the media-type is incorrect, the audio will not play after customers have purchased the book. This issue will not be evident when testing locally prior to delivering to Apple Books. For optimal user experience, audio and video content should appear on its own line in the EPUB and be centered on the page using text-align:center defined in the CSS.

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Apple Books provides default dimensions for audio and video. The standard video pane dimensions are a ratio and display at px wide by px tall on the iPad. However, the width can also be defined using CSS, ideally as a percentage of the screen width. Apple Books will ensure that video and audio fit on a page, no matter the screen size.

To avoid layout issues, do not set an explicit height on video elements. Note: To enable readers to revisit embedded media, Apple recommends that you provide entries in the Table of Content that point to media. Note that the video tag must include the required poster image. The customer sees the poster image in the text and clicks the image to start the video.

The controls attribute allows readers to play, pause, and scrub the media; autoplay will automatically start playing the audio or video without stopping. The controls and autoplay attributes are boolean; including them will activate the attribute no matter their value. Note that although autoplay is supported, Apple recommends that it not be used. It is best to allow readers to control their own reading experience as they know the environment in which they are reading. The following two examples show how to embed audio and video content in the EPUB, followed by a screenshot of how the audio and video would appear on the device:.

Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Links can be within a document, as in the case of an index or endnotes, or can link to the web or other external resources such as an author or publisher website.

Apple Books also has a very simple linking architecture that enables you to link directly to books within Apple Books. This could be used for marketing from your own website or online advertisements, or it could be used within an EPUB to direct a customer to other related titles at the end of a book. You can also create your own link based on the book's ISBN.

Apple Books will automatically include a page at the end of Flowing books that includes links to other books by the same author, prioritized by most popular. You can link to a specific location, such as a figure, chapter, section, or page number. If the other book was created using iBooks Author, you can link to a specific location in it using the same link structure as above, but include the asset ID in the link. In the example below, the asset ID is To link to an EPUB.

Control-click or right-click on Windows the book on Apple Books and copy the link. Note that linking to a specific part of a different book is only supported for books created with iBooks Author. The links will open in Apple Books. To customize the style and color of links, you can use CSS. If you define the color of the link, you must also include the specified-fonts layout metadata. See Defining Book Layout Metadata. When the image is tapped, it opens the PDF in a new window where the reader can pan and zoom-in.

Larger PDFs may also cause poor performance on some devices.

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This section provides information and tips for creating interactivity using JavaScript. Apple Books supports JavaScript similarly to Safari. In books, JavaScript allows for features like drag and drop, and touch or mouse events to initiate audio or animation. However, scripts developed for books should take into account the following best practices:.

Develop scripts that perform well on both macOS and iOS devices. Interactivity on desktop computers requires input from a mouse while interactivity on iOS devices require touch input. When developing interactive books, be mindful of file size and the amount of interactivity on each page. Interactivity can be a great addition to a book, but good performance must be a priority.

Books must not rely on external resources. Do not use JavaScript to access resources outside of the book. Books must be self-contained. Books must not include databases. Do not include these resources for interactivity in your books. Avoid using the JavaScript alert feature. Apple recommends that you not use the JavaScript alert feature, which is frequently used to alert users of errors.

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If you choose to use this feature, keep in mind while you are crafting these alerts that they will be seen by your readers. The following sections discuss the technical considerations and design tips to keep in mind when designing content for books with JavaScript interactivity. By default, Apple Books recognizes gestures and clicks to cue menus, pagination, and zoom.

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However, in books with JavaScript interactivity, Apple Books needs to know when to ignore gestures and clicks so that the reader can interact with the interactive portions of your book without prompting Apple Books' user interface options to appear. You can disable this default behavior for the interactive element by sending the preventDefault message to the event object. Note: It is important to keep a significant portion of the page edge unaffected by preventDefault to allow the reader to turn the page.

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Design interactive books to work on both iOS devices and macOS. Interactivity on desktop computers use input from a mouse while interactivity on iOS devices use touch input. This means that your script must determine if it should provide a touch or mouse event as required by that platform. For example, if navigator. If your book uses features that are specific to iOS like the accelerometer or multi-finger gestures, you need to include input alternatives, like buttons, that are supported on desktop computers.

Keep in mind that a finger is larger than a mouse, so interactive objects should have a hit area that's large enough for a finger. Because Apple Books will scale the page to fit the screen of the device, the size of the hit area is relative to the page size defined in the viewport and may vary for different devices. When placing interactive objects, avoid placing them close to page edges and text. Objects too close to the edge of the page may cause the reader to unintentionally turn the page.

Similarly, objects placed too close to text may cause the reader to unintentionally trigger the re-reading of a word in read aloud content. Most of the interaction in a book should have a cue so that the reader knows what they can interact with. Animate or move elements on a page, alerting the reader that elements on the page or in the book can have interaction. In the example below, the title page begins as a blank page, but has text and images that move onto the screen.