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Then there's Miss Blankenship, the office spinster and shining example of what you don't want to happen to you.

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Feminist perspective aside, there are plenty of shockers from the evening as well. Don has a girlfriend? Sally runs away from home?

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Roger has sex in a dirty alley with?! Well, I don't want to spoil everything just yet. If you're ready to talk about the big moments just read more.

Recap of Mad Men Episode "The Beautiful Girls" | POPSUGAR Entertainment

What did you think of the episode? Were you happy to see Joan and Roger knock boots once more? Surprised to see Don and Faye hop in bed so quickly? Still bummed about Miss Blankenship's departure? Don adds another notch to the belt: You didn't really expect Don to keep up his chastity act with Faye, did you?! Apparently that didn't last, because the latest episode kicks off early with a particularly, er, vocal display of Don and Faye's relationship.

The Beautiful Girls

The two are now sleeping together, but it looks like Don's in it for more than just sex, letting Faye lock up his apartment and exchanging knowing looks in meetings. Sally asks if he's going to marry his new paramour, to which he responds that Sally might see her more often. The outlook seems good for Faye, but do you think Don will keep around for long? Little girl lost: Sally continues her wild streak and runs away from home to find Don, showing up at the agency unannounced.

With his two worlds colliding — father and businessman — Don doesn't know what to do, asking Faye to watch her at his apartment Faye may be able to smooth talk with focus groups, but her awkward "hello" makes it obvious that she does not do well with children.

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  5. Later, Sally revels in being close to her father again, spending the night eating pizza and making french toast for him, even though oops! Butterworth's bottles. But the next day, Don still tells Sally that she'll have to go back to Betty, sending her into a screaming fit. She sprints down the office hallway and falls flat on her face. One of the secretaries tries to make her feel better by saying "it's going to be alright," to which Sally replies a devastating "No, it's not. Very public displays of affection: I know I'm supposed to feel bad for Joan with her husband Greg going to Vietnam, but she's been particularly irritable the past couple of episodes. You just knew she was going to snap, and well, it happens. Roger makes a few suggestive comments, she gets angry, he apologizes by sending her a masseuse, and soon they're having dinner to discuss what's going on with her.

    Roger sends him away with their belongings, and then tries to calm down Joan who goes in for a kiss. But it doesn't stop there, as Joan hikes up her dress, and they get it on right there by the street! Nothing like a near-death experience to bring people together. Then the clincher: when Roger apologizes the next day, Joan says she's not sorry.

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    Normally in this era, family business was family business behind close doors. Betty is the most unhappy woman in this entire narrative. The one that lies to her husband saying they have it all. Ida had a real love affair with Bert Joan. She was wild Ida Joan and Peggy. She perhaps wanted to scream that she died answering phones Sally. But Ida took what was available for her in her time and on the work that other woman had done before her Megan.

    Love the way you analyse this episode!


    Your email address will not be published. To Peggy's horror, she discovers that Ida's dead. The woman and Don try to figure out what to do with Ida's body. Joan alone in her apartment. Joan and Roger recapture their passion. Faye's clearly enjoying herself at the beginning in Don's bed for their lunch date. Faye is not so happy that Don puts her into a motherly and a secretarial role by the episode's end when Don has neither mother or secretary to turn to for Sally's care.

    Peggy clearly needs more drinks to put up with Abe. Sally tries to convince her father to let her stay.

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    Sally runs away from Don to ultimately run away from her mother and the world that wants to pigeonhole her into becoming either Betty or Ida. Those are not choices. Deep down, these women want Sally to win her struggle, and that's why they can't and don't stop her. All the unconventional women watch as Sally goes back to Betty.

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    All these woman tell a bit about Ida's story as Sally tells a bit about their stories. Thanks for taking the time to review this amazing serie! Thank you so much for your kind comments, Majda!