Childlike : The Spiritual Journey of Joshua Nun

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No man that God's grace was sufficient for shall be able effectually to withstand them, and that if they sought him thee, to maintain his ground before sincerely, they should never fail torethee, or to throw any serious obstacle ceive an adequate measure of ability in thy way. Joshua is, however, ad- to enable them to comply with these monished that his sufficiency was not conditions.

On the occasion alluded of himself. It was solely in conse- to, they had grossly failed in duty, quence of God's being with himn, up- they had sinned and transgressed the holding and prospering him, as he covenant and were therefore smitten did Moses, that he was to be rendered before the enemy,' because they thus invincible. Those that con- were accursed,' i. The original God now says to him. This signal term here rendered'fail' properly success, moreover, was not only to signifies to let sink, to let grow slack mark'the commencement of his en- and fall down, being generally spoterprises, but to attend himthroughout ken of the hands, and implying a e:ts whole career.

However it might loosing or relaxing of one's grasp, be with Israel when he was gone, yet and the consequent falling down of during his 1 fe-time he should be fa- the hands, as in Josh. If it be asked how this as- r'epj yAdeka from thy servants. The sense clearly. Moses had before cause to inherit. Which supposes the given to Joshua the same assurance, previous entire conquest of the land; couched almost in the express words and in this respect a higher degree of this passage, Deut.

Be strong and of a good cour- the land to his people as an inheritage. God is pleased, therefore, to emnatz. The orig- concerning him, as a reason for his inal terms, though nearly related, assuming all that strength and courare not precisely synonymous with age which he now enjoins upon him. They both occur, though Compare the parallel passage, Deut. Encourage him: for he properly implies that strength which shall'cause Israel to inherit it.

From this view of the pri- a good courage: for thou must go mary and literal acceptation of the with this people unto the land which words, we obtain a better idea of the Lord hath sworn unto their their import when applied metaphor- fathers to give them; and thou shalt ically, as here, to the acts of the mind. And the They imply the utmost degree of Lord, he it is that doth go before vigorous and determined action, a thee; he will be with thee, he will spirit and energy directly the reverse not fail thee, neither forsake thee A of every thing imbecile and pusillan- fear not, neither be dismayed.

He is not only to fight, but to the children of Israel into the land'fight lawfully,' that is, in conformwhich I sware unto them: and I ity to that system of Divine instrucwill be with thee. However charge which Moses had given him. Only be thou strong and very parted as truly and as signally as did courageous.

The Heb..

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The particular which the promise of the foregoing commands of Moses here referred to verse shall be made good. This are to be found in Deut.

Caleb—The Man For The Times

This he was inces- representative of the whole collective santly to make the man of his coun- body of the people. It was in this respect left. A steadfast from Moses; where his person stands obedience to the mandates of Jeho- for his writings. So our Saviour vah would require a stronger princi- says,' If they hear not Moses and the ple of courage, than his anticipated prophets,' i.

The important lesson pursuing a journey, who goes straight which we hence learn is, that in forward in the direct road, if he nothing is there more scope for the knows it, without turning aside into display of the highest moral heroism by-paths that lead he knows not whithan in daring, in all circumstances, ther. It wisely, mayest deal or behave under. C The primary and most overflow with its rich contents, as usual sense of the original is, to direct' out of the abundance of the heart one's self wisely, to act with prudence the mouth speaketh. Thus 1 Sam. My spirit that is wisely 5!

Lt1 nmasklil in all his upon thee and my words which I ways; and the Lord was with him. This very uncertainty, how- where it is implied that the covenant ever, proves it to be clearly intima- promise should be deemed so preted, in the native import of the term, cious, that it should be a perpetual that real prosperity and success in the theme of meditation and discourse; affairs of life, is the result of a wise, that it should constantly dwell on the discreet, and prudent course of con- tongues of those interested in it. It duct, and inseparable from it, and is moreover implied, in this charge that it is vain to look for it from any to Joshua, that he was not only to other source.

PART 1: A little about me/ My Introduction to God/ Growing up Catholic

Those only can rea- make the book of the law the subject sonably expect the blessing of God of assiduous study for his own perupon their temporal affairs, who sonal benefit, but also to make it the make his word their rule, and con- sole rule and standard of all his pubscientiously walk by it in all circum- lic and official proceedings; he was stances; and this is the way of true to issue orders and pronounce judgwisdom.

This book of the law. That is, that too without exception or reserve byway of emphasis,' the book of the -he must' do according to all that law,' the law of Moses, to which, as is written therein. Thou of consulting it; nor should any shalt constantly read and ponder it; Christian magistrate at this day conit shall incessantly employ thy lips; sider himself at liberty to dispense thou shalt have thy heart so constant- with the light which beams from the ly imbued with its letter and spirit, word of God, in regard to the great that thy mouth shall, as it were, matters of his duty.

The higherany. Be strong and of a good day and night, that thou mayest courage; Pbe not afraid, neither observe to do according to all be thou dismayed: for the LoRD that is written therein: for then thy God is with thee whitherso, thou shalt make thy way pros- ever thou goest. Jer, 1. This is the character of himself taken the field for our sakes, the good man as described by the to subdue our enemies, and to dePsalmist, Ps. The Heb.

See my Comment. Two differ- the attention of the hearer. Instances ent words are here employed, the are innumerable. Here is somewhat remarked upon above, v. Have not I commanded thee?

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He says and dangers, and whom thou art to uts, in effect, what he says to bound implicitly to obey. So in the Joshua; and what encouragement Christian warfare, it is the God of can we desire more? Commanded the officers of the in whose service we are engaged. See Deut.

The exact import of the cessors the Judges. Hebrew is not easily determined, and The original is usually ren- it is variously rendered in the verdered ypaptlaregs, scribes, in the Gr. The Chal. See Note on Ex. Prepare you victuals.

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The over three days. The prevailing Heb. But the usage in several pose the phrase will admit the sense places proves that it is taken with of three days complete. The probamore latitude, and implies provisions bility we think is, that the passage in general. Or, as the original For although the manna was their for'shall pass,' is literally' shall be main dependence during their so- passing,' it may mean simply, that journ in the wilderness, yet they do within the space of three days they not appear to have been forbidden to should have broken up from their supply themselves with other kinds present encampment, and commenced of food when they had an opportuni- their march, although the actual pasty, Dent.

Augustin previously, so that they were now thinks that Joshua acted too much on commanded to lay in a store of other his own responsibility in fixing the eatables to supply the deficiency. But it is not to be na did not entirely cease falling till supposed that he would order a step. Joshua, saying, rNum.

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This was no speaking of tribes and nations; as if doubt a part of the instructions now the whole body, from their intimate given him, though not expressly re- union, were regarded as one person. It would tend greatly to capes the notice of the English readanimate the faith and zeal of the er, though in many cases important people, and to secure their vigorous to be known, we shall usually indico-operation, to see God, as it were, cate it wherever met with.

It would two tribes and a half, is detailed with not do for them to be remiss when all the circumstances attending it, omnipotence was visibly engaged in Num. This language would here to remind them of it, as, otherteach them too that the result was not wise, having arrived at the place of to be brought about by their own their settlement, they might be instrength, and, consequently, that they duced to seek their own ease, by recould not take the glorr of it to them- maining with their wives and famiselves.

The two tribes and a half their possession, but deriving their had already received their posses. These preenter upon as if they had received it cise words do not occur in the adby inheritance from their forefathers. To the Reubenites, and to the ly to quote the substance of what MoGadites. The phrase'hath given rtbeni velaggldi, to the Reubenite, you rest,' perhaps merely implies that and to the Gadite; the collective sin- they were now brought to a place of gular for the plural, a very common rest, rather than a positive state of. They were at rest, how- women, children, and flocks.

Probaever, in contradistinction from jour- bly as many at least as seventy thouneying, and in this sense the original sand, as the sum total of the men in word is often employed. Your owives, your little ones, upwards of one hundred and ten r4c. See Num. Until the Lor'd have given your pass before your brethren. It does not appear strictly be said of either company, to signify that they should take the that the Lord had given them rest, front rank or lead the vasn, for such until they had so far conquered their an intimation respecting them is no enemies as to be in no danger of bewhere else clearly given; but simply ing henceforth seriously molested by that they should not absent them- them.

But that was, at this time, by selves; that they should be present no means the case with the two tribes with their brethren, united with them and a half, nor have we reason to in the expedition. Arm- the mere putting them in possession ed. Of the import of this' giving them rest,' as long as their expression, see Note on Ex.

Not understand from this expression, simabsolutely all the fighting men of ply the bringing them to, or planting these tribes, but the choice of them, them in, a place of rest. The actual the most active, bold and ener- enjoyment of the rest was a matter of getic; for as there were only forty subsequent favor.

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The East; as'toward ch. And they answered Joskhu 3. This, as some conceive, was not the What they mean is, that they would answer of the two tribes and a half be as obedient to Joshua as they ever only, but the response of the whole were to Moses, when they did obey host, who thus concurred heartily him, when they were in their best with them in their solemn engage- moods; as obedient, in fact, as they ments. It is not unlikely that such should have been to Moses, and as were the real sentiments of the entire many of them generally were.

The congregation; but it seems more nat- literal rendering of the original is, ural, from the connexion, to under-'According to all in which we stand it of those who were directly hearkened to Moses, so will we hearaddressed. They afterwards received ken to thee. Thus they rebelled. This is not to be unmands us by his word, and to go derstood as a condition, or limitation; wheresoever he sends us by his provi- of their promised obedience, as if dence.

As we obeyed Moses.