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She toiled in her native Canada, London and New York for the paper, bringing to bear her prior experience working for an English-language newspaper in Japan. So why is she now folding clothes and helping customers, even occasionally sweeping the floor, at a retail outlet in a shopping mall in Providence, Rhode Island?


The answer is likely quite complicated. Why does anyone slip from a great height professionally to wind up pinching pennies, to working for what likely is minimum wage or not far from it? Lots of reasons, both professional and personal, could enter in. The loss of that steady paycheck put a dent in her finances, a dent big enough that she avoided even opening a credit card when she was pitched one at the Banana Republic outlet where she now works. Patinkin reported that McGee still gets offers to freelance.

She was due at a conference that morning in atop the north tower of the World Trade Center. But by happenstance she got there an hour late, arriving just when the second plane hit. After the horrors of being at the focus of that disaster, however, the migraines she was prone to worsened. All that, it seems, led her into PR, to freelancing and ultimately to Providence. Moreover, she has another book in the works and she and a friend are looking into starting a business writing personal histories for families. A friend of mine in Omaha works in a similar business, Legacy Preservation, so that line may have potential for her.

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In the meantime, folding clothes seems like a low-stress way to keep the bills paid. And she told him that her story is about both renewal through change and the dignity of making ends meet.

Armed with a B. Gardner also wound up leaving. But now, Angwin is back at The Markup. She has several distinguished journalists by her side, including most of those who quit with her. And they expect to launch the site by year-end. It is backed by a host of nonprofits, principally the Craig Newmark Philanthropies, but also the John S.

MacArthur Foundation and others. The Times account leaves a lot unanswered. The paper reported that Angwin and six of the seven staffers who quit in support of her are all back and were paid while they were out.

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So had they really been fired? Were they made whole after returning? What was the fracas all about anyway? One of the tales that would be fascinating to hear is just what came off the rails at The Markup in the spring and what put it back on track. These areas are not dependent on advertising, the loss of which to online outfits such as Facebook and Google has been killing news organizations nationwide.

For much of its recent history, BusinessWeek has been an incubator for talented writers and reporters. The remake into Bloomberg Businessweek , with its traumatic turnover in staff, stoked that flame for some, and the trend continues. Here, in its splendid variety, is a collection of recent and not so recent work by this talented bunch:.

Robert Pondiscio teaches us new tricks. In this engaging, wise, and enormously well reported book, he trains his penetrating eye on Success Academy, the highest performing charter network in America. Willingham, professor of psychology, University of Virginia. It is arresting, informative, and compelling.

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A school succeeds or fails by its ethos, and reading this book qualifies as an extended visit into the inner workings of that ethos in schools that are succeeding against the odds. Cate Holahan thrills us anew. Some of them pretty big. Julie Flynn Siler unearths an unsettling tale with this one. Chris Farrell counsels the aging among us. But … Chris Farrell debunks this line of thought by showing how a growing movement of elderly entrepreneurs and part-time workers are creating conditions for a stronger and more vibrant economy.

Reframing aging will result in faster rates of economic growth and higher living standards for all of us, in addition to a more fulfilling and financially secure second half of life for our aging population. They act on the basis of a set of core principles, both intangible and inspirational. John Chambers, an accomplished executive in his own right, distills those principles in Connecting the Dots with elegance and common sense. Steve Shepard again proves how multidimensional a journalist — a business journalist — can be.

Plus Updike, who granted a sort of honorary Jewishness. Except there is a right answer for that one. An underlying theme, of course, is the tension between relevance and aging. Cate Holahan thrills again.

Chris Roush educates us anew. Everyone who teaches would improve by reading it. This publication is timely and needed.

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Catherine T. Yang translated this work by her father, the late Shu-Chin Yang. It commemorates the death, in , of his brother. The mystery of what happened to a brother who effectively disappeared and how it persistently affects the family is very moving. The letters from those that knew and came across Dapeng in the appendix are wonderful in pulling together the final proud story of a military warrior.

Full of first person accounts, this is also an important historical document. Roben Farzad tells the tale of a Mutiny, a most unusual hotel. The city has grown up since then, but beneath our gilded, 21st-century veneer lurks the same menacing spirit of the kingpins, caudillos and straight-up whack-jobs who ruled the Mutiny. Then I realized it was NON-fiction. Jack Ewing digs deep in this corporate dissection. Alex Beam likes a good fight.

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He has a keen sense of the absurd and is mischievous but not malicious in exposing the foibles of these frenemies. Woo, Wow, and Win shows how to make the connection between strategic opportunity, business design, and customer satisfaction. The principles of service design are the pathway to a more profitable future—and happier customers. It provides deep insights into how you can develop your customers and retain them with superior service. Heather Green scratches an itch with this memoir, her debut book. While taming three feral kittens and ultimately their mother , Heather learns the value of patience and of nurturing relationships.

But, the artfully woven additional dimensions of this work make it both compelling and inspirational. What in life feels right, what matters most, and do we dare take the bold steps to seize them? The author did a wonderful job of giving the kittens and their mother personalities so strong that you felt you were right there with them.

Combining kittens and romance that built throughout the book was quite a feat. For Chris Roush , the third time should be as charming as the first two. I will use this text in class, as I have the prior editions, and proudly note I chipped in the preface on this update. Show Me the Money prepares even the math-phobic reporter to write business news that matters to readers from Main Street to Wall Street. Mark Landler waxes political. George Michelsen Foy helps us find the way home. A fast read for domestic-suspense fans. Cate Holahan offers some mysterious plot twists.

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As one would expect, Dark Turns goes to some of the darker places those films also explored, but not in a way that never feels derivative. This one drives you forward with the character connections forged but keeps you guessing as to where it will all land. Arlene Weintraub is barking up the right tree.

Engaging and emotional, Heal is an important book for scientists, animal lovers and anyone interested in the vulnerabilities we humans share with animals.