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Drax's sole mission is to destroy Thanos. But when Thanos launches an all-out war with Gamora as Marvel 2-In-One Vol. A classic title from Marvel's storied history is back at last - and it's going A classic title from Marvel's storied history is back at last - and it's going to be fantastic! A new era of all-out Avengers action begins!

A new team is formed to battle A new team is formed to battle a mega-sized threat that is weirder and wilder than any the superheroes have met before!

Deadpool Classic Vol 04

The New Danger will be the perfect opportunity for middle Marvel Masterworks: Daredevil Vol. Daredevil teams up with not just one, but two stunning women of Marvel when the Daredevil teams up with not just one, but two stunning women of Marvel when the Black Widow and Shanna the She-Devil join the battle against the Black Spectre.

Together, they must uncover the secret leaders of an organization bent on Marvel Super Heroes vs. Villains: An Explosive Pop. Incredible artwork and paper engineering - experience the Marvel universe in an all new dimension! Features eight pop-up spreads featuring original artwork by the world's top comic book creators.

Deadpool Classic vol. 4 with plushpool and Gwens

Includes the leading Marvel Super Heroes and Teams, matched against their Marvel Tsum Tsum: Takeover! Marvel super heroes plus a world-conquering toy craze equals the ultimate collector's item classic! Deadpool: Suicide Kings. Deadpool Classic Companion Vol. Collects : Identity Disc ; Ms. Deadpool Classic Volume Deadpool Corps.

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Prelude to Deadpool Corps. Deadpool Corps Vol 1. Deadpool Corps Vol 2. Deadpool Team-Up Vol. Uncanny X-Force. Highly recommended additional read outside the core Deadpool book. Fear Itself: Deadpool. A Fear Itself tie-in, three issue miniseries. Deadpool Max. Deadpool Pulp.

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. Deadpool vs. Deadpool, Vol. Thunderbolts: No Quarter. Daniel Way gets in some more time writing Deadpool as part of the new Thunderbolts. Deadpool: Classic Killustrated. Deadpool Kills Deadpool. Night of the Living Deadpool.


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Return of the Living Deadpool. Collects : Deadpool Vs. Thanos , Deadpool Vs. Carnage , Hawkeye Vs. Deadpool Hawkeye vs. Deadpool And The Howling Commandos Deadpool: The Ones With Deadpool. Deadpool: Back in Black. Following Secret Wars, Deadpool really hit the big time, with the release of his real-world Ryan Reynolds movie taking theaters by storm, and with the relaunch of his new series.

Plus… Deadpool became an Avenger! Uncanny Avengers: Unity Vol. No, for real, Deadpool joined an Avengers team. Collects the first six issues of Gerry Duggan writing Uncanny Avengers.

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Includes Uncanny Avengers tie-ins to Avengers Standoff. Deadpool and the Mercs for Money Vol.

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Quite possibly the least tied-in of any Civil War II tie-ins. An Inhumans vs. X-Men tie-in. Deadpool: Too Soon? Deadpool the Duck. Despicable Deadpool Vol. Deadpool Vs. Old Man Logan. Defenders Vol. You Are Deadpool. Deadpool: Assassin. As oversized hardcovers…. Note that all of these are collected in line with their original runs, below. Thanos Though this comic was released in after the end of this series , it seems to fit here in continuity.

Thunderbolts starts here. It will be noted alongside guest appearances as TB. After vs. Deadpool cameos in Age of Ultron 10 between 13 is a flashback issue. The Thunderbolts. Also collects Superior Carnage Annual. Annual 2 follows Hawkeye vs. Axis: See Marvel Universe Events. This is a rare Marvel Universe Event where Deadpool is a featured supporting character.

Deadpool Classic - Volume 4 by Joe Kelly (2011, Paperback)

Guardians Team-Up Vol. Deadpool does not appear in the main Secret War series; only in his tie-ins. See Uncanny Avengers. Foolkiller Vol. Slapstick Vol. MU: Vol. Deadpool: Too Soon? I am not certain of its placement. Despicable Deadpool Collects Despicable Deadpool and the story assembled from secret comic variants of Deadpool , , and Despicable Deadpool Old Man Logan You Are Deadpool Collects You Are Deadpool , an choose-your-own-adventure style Deadpool gaming experience in the form of a comic.

Black Panther vs. Deadpool has a brief confrontation with The Avengers including Panther early in his series, which might suggest this comes later. One of several standalone annuals out in A harder-edged, continuity-free set of Deadpool adventures. Lady Deadpool One-sh0t. Collected in Women of Marvel. Pending collection info. Back to Crushing Comics. A shorter version of this guide, shorter Deadpool stories, or something else?

I think I own everything on there, and maybe more? Deadpool kills deadpool is actually set in continuity tho it hops all over the multiverse and includes the deadpool corps!

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