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Not sure about a word? USB drive. Products are warranted against defects for 1 year from date of purchase. We offer schools a free 30 day trial, please send a school purchase order to orders scanningpens. Text to speech.

A standard 3. Internal Memory. Package Contents. UK Case Studies. As a French teacher, I can see how it could help 3 different categories of pupils : Higher achievers could work independently and be given challenging tasks. The pen is very helpful as it gives both pronunciation and meaning of difficult words.

Therefore, pupils can develop and improve the range of their vocabulary. It can obviously help them with accuracy too. It could be used for reading especially. Would be extremely encouraging for pupils as it would give them the opportunity to access reading books that they would not be able to read without the pen.

Lower achievers : make texts easier to read and to understand, therefore it can help them to feel confident and to have a sense of achievement. As we know, self-confidence in your knowledge is crucial when one is learning a foreign language. It gives the opportunity to access the content easily. It would also help them with pronunciation which is a daunting exercise. Speaking is a vital part of the language and it is important for pupils to get the pronunciation right.

It could also be used by non-native pupils so they can understand instructions properly. Their English is not always fluent enough and some can not access the curriculum not because their are not able to but because of the language barrier. It has such a great potential for these pupils too as it would allow them to show their understanding, skills in class a lot quicker if they had access to this pen. I like the fact that the pen offers multiple languages too.

As I said I can see that it is helpful for pupils with reading difficulties. Having the pen reading the words out loud means that pupils are more independent, help them to access the content easily, no need to re-read the information various times before they can understand it gain of time. The pen is small, light and very easy to use, can be used with or without headphones. It is discreet and does not draw the attention of other pupils. It definitely helps make life easier without being overly noticeable.

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How did you hear about the Dictionary Pen? Once the pen arrives, if you are unsure about any of the features please call us. The pen will come with an invoice which should be processed after 30 days, or alternatively if you wish to return the pen please contact us for a Returns Number. C-Pen Dictionary Pen. Based on my own experience, I honestly would recommend this tool for any language student.

You might need a little help with this, so having a grammar reference handy is nice. Poetry, while it will pose some unique challenges, may not equip you for casual conversation and common turns of phrase in the same way as these other genres will.

Word-for-Word English-Spanish Spanish-English Dictionary

Not sure whether your Spanish is up to snuff for your next trip to Spain? Check out this list of the most useful words and phrases for any traveler. When I was earning my master of arts in Hispanic Studies, one requirement was to read about 25 books in preparation for a written exam. Every one of the books that I read offered its own complex, fascinating portrait of a single niche within the complex, multifaceted cultural fabric of the Iberian Peninsula.

All of these books equipped me to have more complex, meaningful experiences when I returned to Spain. I knew the history of the places I saw, because I had heard their stories told in the first person by people who had lived and died there. Every subsequent trip to Spain after reading these books has been infinitely more rewarding than the trips I took before.

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  • I'll make some specific book recommendations below. And my first piece of advice when you arrive at this moment is to choose something because you legitimately want to read it — not just because it seems easy. While I said you need to be ready to use your dictionary a lot, you also need to be strategic. Depending on your level, there are some words you might want to skip. Instead, focus on looking up only nouns and verbs. Focus on the book and enjoy the story.

    Look for featured or staff-recommended books. The vocabulary and grammar are accessible and make for relatively easy reading. Plus, if you like it, you can read more books featuring the same detective, Pepe Carvalho. Really, any book by Gaite offers a spectacular insight into the life of girls and women during the dictatorship. This book has some surreal elements that can be confusing at the beginning, but the writing style is clear and relatively easy to follow.