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It's about your direct reports and their performance. Leadership is a tough act. It's a daily balancing act. As a leader, you're expected to use your insight, experience , and rigor to balance the conflicting demands of short- and long-term results. So, what do leaders do?

New Kids on the Block Fan Encounter Stories

Does leadership have rules? The team with the best players wins--and leaders should expend their energy and time in evaluating, coaching, and building the self-confidence of team members. Good leaders cast the vision of the future and motivate people to buy into it. They constantly talk about their vision and reinforce it with rewards, which may be in the form of a salary, bonus, or significant recognition of some sort.

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Even without the rewards, just sharing your vision as a leader can in itself bring about the motivation your team needs to accomplish the most difficult of assignments. Nothing brings down the morale of a team more than an unenthusiastic or disengaged leader. Your job is to be part coach and part cheerleader. Welch decries a situation where leaders hoard information that could benefit direct reports in the performance of their duties.

This, he says, drains trust right out of a team. And that, "trust happens when leaders are transparent, candid, and keep their word. Leaders, he also says, establish trust by giving credit where it is due. They detest a situation where they'll take credit for someone else's idea or work. Effective leaders listen to their gut, Welch says, regardless of what team members think. Your job is to listen and explain yourself clearly but move forward. Do not dwell or cajole. Decision making is ultimately what you'll be judged on as a leader, as your choices could determine the overall success of the organization.

To get bigger and better solutions, Welch says leaders probe proposals and presentations by asking questions and stirring up a healthy debate. You have to be incredibly comfortable looking like the dumbest person in the room. He smiled and said sure. We all got our photos and thanked him. Now this was extra exciting because I was already on my way to converting to a Danny girl. I always ask how I waited so long.

His smile sealed the deal that day as well. This fangirl had started her conversion. Next we tried to find Jordan and Donnie, but no luck.

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We decided to go back to the apartment to drop off the car and walk to the record store to look at records, then go to dinner. While in the store three girls walked outside to smoke while the rest kept browsing. Well just our luck! Jordan was jogging or running and the girls outside stopped him. Next thing we know one runs in. I truly never wanted to go back home because it just felt so peaceful in Boston.

I unfortunately had to leave early in the morning on day 6 so I was on the Amtrak headed to Memphis when the other 6 met Joey! On day 7 only 5 girls were left to meet Donnie. All in all, it was the best vacation a single girl could have. I first became obsessed with the New Kids when I was 12 years old. Had the poster of Jordan in his white shirt blowing in the wind above my bed.

And of course had the sheets. The last few years have been tough. In my mom was diagnosed with ALS and she passed away 18 months later. When the Mixtape tour was announced my dad called me and told me he knew it was always a dream of mine to get to meet NKOTB so he was getting me VIP tickets with meet and greet in Portland.

I was going to the concert by myself in Portland and had never done a meet and greet but read that you had to get in a group and try to get by the guy you wanted. I was going to meet them! I got to the venue early and quickly got with a few people and then Tommy and his mom joined our group! It instantly touched us all. But we got in! Saw Big Dan and he saw me smiling like a little girl and came over and gave me a hug.

I asked if we could do a picture and he quickly obliged.

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  7. Went and took a picture of the bedroom set and sent to my best friend growing up and she thought I had sent her a picture from my old room-then she saw the wine haha! Finally it was time to go in!

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    I was nervous and had massive butterflies. I became that 12 year old girl whose dream was about to come true. Danny was first as we walked in. Gave him a hug and told him that I loved his dad! Jordan was next. I just froze. A woman in our group and her husband just started chatting Jordan up. Jordan put his hand on my back as he was talking to the couple to bring me in to the conversation and to make me feel more comfortable.

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    During the photo I felt awkward, so I shifted my body before the second. Jordan caught it and asked me why? So sweet and kind. I will always remember it! Pictures were over, so I hugged Joey and Jon such a tight awesome hugger. We were going to get individual pictures with Donnie after the show. I had seen the show in Tacoma the night before and while it was the same playlist, it was such a different experience! They give so much and make each show special. I had amazing seats and loved every minute!

    After the show we were ushered back upstairs where Donnie was! He came and talked to us all and told us the venue wanted to close but he was going to get to us all! As it was close to my turn, the butterflies came back. I got in and he just wrapped his arms around me. I met the boys that I grew up adoring and maybe even adore more now! I am so thankful for their love and generosity! Jaelynn has been a huge fan of the New Kids on the Block for 11 years now.


    When she won a contest, she never anticipated all that was about to come from Donnie Wahlberg, one of her absolute favorites! The journey and story of me being the Wahlburgers At Home grand prize contest winner began Friday May 24th. After being off the plane and settled into our hotel for a bit, my parents and I headed to the Wahlburgers where the general manager, Junior, had already planned on meeting with me and enjoying a free meal.

    Junior and the rest of the Wahlburgers staff was incredibly down to earth and treated me like I was a celebrity or a 5 star princess and like family.

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    They welcomed me in right away and Junior was so ecstatic to meet me! Our waiter Bill was a super cool dude.

    Junior sat down next to me and said he would give me a little goodie bag. Junior gave me some top secret info about Donnie possibly visiting Wahlburgers the next day and that I should come out. I could hardly eat my wahlbowl because I was shaking so much imagining that my dream of FINALLY meeting the guy that changed my life soo much, Donnie, was going to come true.

    After a little while Junior came back to sit next to me and took some photos and then said Donnie is for sure coming because he told him that there was a special girl who needed to meet him.