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Twenty percent accurate?!? Jesus, how great can she be if she only gets one out of every five "prophesies" she makes?

That would make for a seriously shitty TV show. Okay first off, the actual Hebrew behind that passage does not strictly refer to a Virgin, just a young woman. Yes, Mary was both, but that's not really what the prophecy was referring to. But that brings me to the next point, which I have probably argued with the Evangelicals a thousand times; the name "Immanuel".

Obviously, Jesus was not named Immanuel, most of the time they fall back to the whole "But it just means 'God with us'!

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Jesus Christ means the exact same thing! No it doesn't. However, this title was given to him by the Greek converts, some decades after the Crucifixion, and by that point his followers had pretty much already decided that he was the Messiah. Well, for starters, "Geezus" is bastardized pronunciation of "Jeh-seuss", so you're off there. Following that though, both these names are not only rooted in Greek, a language that would not have been commonly spoken in Roman Judea, but they are in fact themselves mispronunciations!

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The letter "J" did not exist at the time, and its syllable was not in ancient Hebrew. This would make the name "Yeezus" or "Yeh-seus", neither of which were Hebrew names. As it turns out, it springs from the name "Yeshua", an old form of "Joshua". His name would have been "Yeshua Ben Yosef", which does not in any way connect to the meaning behind "Immanuel". Heh, look at the spot the Romans missed.

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Even back then they still had appreciation for Dat Ass. Now that's a serious Ghetto Booty on the Messiah there. Were all demons at the crucifixion? I know this isn't the first time Chick has featured a demon who saw it take place in person. Actually, his real last words were; "When I said I wanted to get nailed, this isn't what I meant!

But Jesus had to get crucified for the whole thing to work.

Christians can't make up their mind whether the crucifixion was a good thing or a bad thing. She's had this grotesque pucker for most of the comic, like she's been sucking on a bag of lemons or something. Putting aside the fact that there is no historic evidence that the Israelites were ever enslaved by the Egyptians The Nile's still here people, that's kind of a glaring unfulfilled prophecy. And yes, Charlton Heston.

She was just indicating she knew who you were talking about, not that The Ten Commandments was actual recorded footage or something. Christ, you are thick. If the Seven Headed, horned beast from the ocean is a metaphor, then why is the flaming pit a literal prophecy? Seriously I want to know the answer to that, and an Evangelicalsploitation flick that actually features the Beast from Revelations. I once heard a sermon that likened the reference to "sorcerers" as being drug users stemming from the Hebrew word it was translated from.

I doubt Bob is saying Gladys hits the pipe here. Because Gladys is totally the unbeliever according to Bob. It's irony people!!!! Nice to see that in the intervening time between Tracts, Holly's managed to complete her metamorphosis into a Picasso painting.

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Does Sandy own Fang? That seems to be the implication here. But he shows up so often and in so many different contexts there is no way he can have just one owner. Or be just an ordinary dog. Or be mortal in discernible fashion, for that matter. What about the poor schmuck driver the tanker? Was he a psychic too? God took him out just so Holly and Gladys could get their comeuppance. What you should have done is put your faith in the magic zombie carpenter who's his own father.

I like that Holly gets all uppity and in the angel's face here. You'd think more people would do that instead of just rolling over like sheeple. Kick the guys in the nards! I'd like to think that this is the actual theology of the Chickverse, because it at least makes for a more interesting mythology. Without excuse isn't exactly the case here.

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An omnipotent god would realize how flimsy the entire story is and a just god wouldn't hold people to that sort of a standard. As it turns out the lake of fire is really just a gigantic hotbox. It's still Hell though, so it's mostly stems and pipe residue. Well that tied it up pretty neatly.

Holly and Gladys went to Hell, I totally did not see that coming. This was still pretty good for a laugh, if only for the double standards surrounding Chick's view of New Age Astrology. Last Modified: April 18, Back to Chick Index. Back to Main. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Dorothy Stuart approaches her subject along four main roads: archaeology, history, legend and literature. The cat emerges by turns as a goddess, an enigma, a playmate and a friend.

The Ancient Egyptian Mau is here; the enchanted cats of Irish View Product. Around the World with Historical Fiction and Folktales:. As more school districts undergo the painstaking task of curriculum integration, resources that offer children As more school districts undergo the painstaking task of curriculum integration, resources that offer children an opportunity to live vicariously in times and places they cannot experience any other way become increasingly necessary.

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Whether two teachers are covering the same Before They Say Goodbye. According to many studies, the average church-attending young person is more likely to not stay, According to many studies, the average church-attending young person is more likely to not stay, than to remain.

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  • Before They Say Goodbye is a proactive project to help parents, leaders, and pastors prepare their youth do deal with many of It contains classical literature works from over It contains classical literature works from over two thousand years. Most of these titles have been out of print and off the bookstore shelves for decades. The book series is intended to About the Contributor s :Daniel I.

    Block is the Gunther H. Knoedler Professor of Old Testament at Captured: Based on a True Story. As she watched her husband leave the yard with his brother-in-law, Grace thanked God for As she watched her husband leave the yard with his brother-in-law, Grace thanked God for the loving man He had given her.