La musique des anges (Réponses) (French Edition)

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Under pressure from the Church authorities over his scandalous private life the King is told to abandon his mistress. Plotting with his chamberlain Don Gaspar, the king frees Leone to marry Sylvia intending then send him away and have Sylvia remain his mistress. Discovering the plot, Leone flees to a monastery to profess vows.

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Sylvia, who is ill, follows Leone to the monastery to plead for forgiveness, before collapsing and dying. Highly assured soprano Joyce El-Khoury excels in the role of Sylvia. Her secure technique permits her to maintain focus, producing a lovely bright tone and accomplishing impressive leaps to her highest notes. As the soldier Leone, tenor David Junghoon Kim is also in fine form, combining his attractive, clear tone with requisite dramatic bite. There is a memorable and intelligent performance from bass-baritone Laurent Naouri as the braggart Don Gasper.

A new name to me, Evgeny Stavinsky does all that is asked of him in the role of the Father Superior and I look forward to hearing the bass in a more prominent role.

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A very experienced opera conductor, Mark Elder draws expressive playing from the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, who respond with first-class playing of real commitment. Recorded at Royal Opera House, London in live concert performances the sound team led by Steve Portnoi has provided excellent clarity and balance. There is also a synopsis together with French libretto and an English translation.

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Chelsea (groupe français)

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