La piste du tigre (Thrillers) (French Edition)

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But throughout, the focus remained on Bob Morane , the undisputed star of the imprint, still featuring the remarkably distinctive covers illustrated by artist Pierre Joubert. Le Masque published a mix of reprints and new novels. Between and Henri Vernes had been writing a more adult series for Fleuve Noir, the James Bond-like Don he later recycled some of the Don plots into Bob Morane novels , and he he had therefore developed a relationship with Fleuve Noir. Finally, in , Bob Morane was taken over by Belgian publisher Claude Lefrancq , who continued the tradition of reprints and new novels, and added thematic omnibus editions and graphic novels.

Sadly, Lefrancq went out of business in Other Media. Bob Morane was also the subject of one television series, audio adaptations, an ongoing series of graphic novels, and an animated series was released in The Stories and Characters. He was born on 16 October He lives on the Quai Voltaire in Paris but also owns a country estate in the Dordogne, a palazzo in Venice and the hidden valley of the Blue Lake in the Andes. His friend and regular sidekick is a tough, burly scotsman, Bill Ballantine , who owns a chicken ranch in Scotland.

Together, they fight evil throughout the world, sometimes in space and even through time itself. Bob Morane 's colorful rogues' gallery includes: The diabolical Monsieur Ming , a. Ming is the leader of the Shin Tan Old Asia cult. He has superhuman hypnotic powers and his right hand is a robotic replica. When mortally wounded, a duplicating machine brings Ming back to life again, rendering him impossible to kill.

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Ming appeared in Nos. Her ruthless henchman is Roman Orgonetz , a professional assassin with teeth of gold who was defeated by Bob several times before he joined SMOG. Orgonetz appeared in Nos. The mad scientist Dr.

Nicolas-Athanase Xhatan , self-dubbed master of light, who is served by an artificially created breed of green-skinned men. Xhatan appeared in Nos. Other recurring villains: The humanoid Toad-Men , descendents of an alien race stranded on our world long ago, secret masters of robotics.

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The Toad Men appeared in Nos. The Tiger , an ordinary tramp whose intelligence was boosted with the memories of several brilliant scientists -- and that of a deadly man-eating tiger. The Tiger appeared in Nos.


Time Patrol adventures include: Nos. Le monstre d'un autre temps. Le sorcier de la lune ronde. Les singes hommes. ISBN: X. Le lagon de l'effroi. Le signe de la peur. Le dernier homme. La falaise d'argile. L'herbe miracle. Les chasseurs de foudre. Le retour des Goraks.

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Les hommes sans cheveux. Les larmes qui volent. Les coquillages bleus. Ceux de la terre haute. Tarao, l'enfant sauvege. Tomes Le secret des singes qui parlent - Le ciel est mort - Le dernier homme - Le monstre du monde bleu - Le cobra - La plage de la peur 3. This star shall be free.

Thousands of years later the Antareans return Perseo Libri. Lemasson, J. La pierre de feu.

  1. Tom Thumb Illustrated In Rebus.
  2. Fleuve Noir Anticipation.
  3. Les Diaboliques (Cine-file French Film Guides).

The Stone of fire. An Acceptable Time. Farrar Straus Giroux. Leprince, Albert. The mysterious valley. The Atlantean Press. Lermina, Jules. To-Ho le tueur d'or. To-Ho and the Gold Destroyers. Encino, CA. Black Coat Press.


Livre I. The Flow of Time. Book I: The Age of Chaos. La Plume. The evolution man; or, How I ate my father. Life cannot be all snails and sweetbreads. Recorded here is the correct version of the invention of fire, the first intellectual.

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Jackson, Charles. Cave Boy. When the earth trembles and danger threatens, Juk the cave boy and Ooni the lake maiden venture forth into the unknown. Facing the harsh reality of a world where every day brings a new menace and only the fit survive, this story charts their voyage of danger and discovery. Jacquin, Joseph. Jaud, Joel.

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  • Les Dolmens ne savent pas mourir. Et enfin, que voulait-on de moi? Jaud qui se confronte aujourd'hui, avec ""Les Dolmens ne savent pas mourir"" au roman fantastique.