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What year did Yasser Arafat come to power? What was the name of its currency? Choose any date in history before and tell what was the exchange rate of the Palestinian monetary unit against the U. Anyone who can answer all or any of these questions correctly will receive the award of accuracy, believability, credibility, honesty, integrity with regard to historical facts.

This contest is open to all citizens of the international community and there is no discrimination based on nationality, religion or gender as there is in the Arab apartheid nations. For them, up is down, day is night, and right is wrong.


The collected hatemongers of the radical Left allied with the terminally hate-filled Muslim world, their ranks filled with empty-headed and gullible drones, are combining to shriek misplaced support for an Arab people calling themselves Palestinians, who, they allege, are suffering from apartheid.

They make this false charge by slandering the Jewish state, equating it with what was once the South African apartheid regime. This is where facts retreat into the fantasy world one finds within the Thousand and One Arabian Nights.

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The real apartheid that exists in the Middle East can be found not in Israel, but within the territories currently occupied by the Fatah-controlled Palestinian Authority and the Hamas-occupied Gaza Strip. The Palestinian Arabs ban all Jews from living amongst them. Any Jews found are summarily murdered in cold blood. This is sanctioned by Fatah and Hamas, who both delight in describing the Arab terrorist thugs as heroes — even naming streets and town squares in their honor.

Any Arabs found to have sold property to Jewish purchasers are summarily executed — often in the public squares and streets of Palestinian Arab settlements. The geographical territory known as Palestine has, of course, never existed as an independent, sovereign nation in all of human history, and certainly never as an Arab state. The current territory within the Palestinian Authority and the Gaza Strip formed integral parts of the ancestral and biblical Jewish homeland. The vast territory east of the River Jordan, now called the Kingdom of Jordan, includes large tracts of land that also formed part of the biblical Jewish and tribal lands.

But now that same vast territory, which extends eastwards to Iraq, north to Syria, and south to Saudi Arabia dwarfing tiny Israel in size , is also closed by the Jordanian authorities to Jews, who may not live within its borders upon pain of death. The Jordanian regime instituted a law in prohibiting Jews from living in Jordan.

They did this by conferring citizenship to all former residents of geographical Palestine — except Jewish ones. It is not an apartheid state based on racial differences or concepts of racial purity and impurity. Under apartheid South Africa, blacks were not citizens of the country and were not permitted to vote. Yet the loony Left, allied with the hate-filled Islamic world, continues to accuse Israel of a mythical apartheid system while ignoring the Arab and Muslim perpetrators of the actual apartheid that so clearly exists in the Kingdom of Jordan, in the Palestinian Authority, and within the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

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The tsunami of anti-Jewish bigotry and malice sweeping the universities in America and Europe is desolating. The boycotts of Israel generated from within academia are built upon a fraudulent ethos of Arab distortions and outright lies, yet thy are willingly accepted by gullible students and faculty alike. It seems that the intellectuals who utter their elitist drivel within the corridors of academe are all too often seduced by novelties. But what it sadly, and so often, reveals is an undeniable truth that intellectualism does not automatically confer intelligence or intelligent behavior.

It would be refreshing if the same students, professors, and assorted Israel-bashers could learn how the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians have created for themselves what can be described as anti-history.

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This is why Palestinian Prime Minister Fayad called out the Palestinian rent-a-mob to riot in the streets of Hebron and Jerusalem after Israel declared the ancient Jewish holy sites of the Machpela Cave in Hebron and the tomb of the biblical matriarch, Rachel, as national heritage sites. In Genesis , we read about the first Jew, Abraham, purchasing land in Hebron from Ephron the Hittite as a burial plot for his wife, Sarah. His son Isaac and grandson Jacob are also buried there along with their wives — the Jewish patriarchs and matriarchs.

But this upsets the Palestinian Arabs because the Jewish tombs are within the territory they demand for a state — for them, these Jewish sites are an inconvenient truth. The good Palestinian Arabs recently desecrated the ancient tomb, filling it with rubbish and excrement, to prevent Jewish prayers and pilgrimage at the site. These are manifestations of apartheid — Arab style. With breathtaking absurdity, the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians make claims of historical and lineal descent from the extinct Canaanites and Philistines.

They have bred several generations of children in kindergartens imbued with such frightening nonsense, attended by a love of barbarism and a culture of death. They have been encouraged in this by the corrupt neighboring Arab leaders, who for some sixty years have stigmatized them as refugees yet at the same time have barred them from living within their own basket-case countries.

From this horrific Palestinian-Arab sectarianism, the culture of death has developed along with an Islamic refusal to ever make a true and lasting peace with the non-Muslim state known as Israel. Indeed, for the Jewish population and for the subsequent State of Israel, there has been relentless Arab terror since the s.

That Arab atrocity took place in during the British Mandate occupation. For all those anti-Israel bigots who scream against Israeli occupation, they should know that the so-called West Bank and the Gaza Strip were not occupied at that time.

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Indeed, the Jewish state was not reborn until nineteen years later, in — yet Arabs were murdering and terrorizing Jews all those years before. They should ask themselves why, after the Israel-Arab war of , when the Egyptians occupied the Gaza Strip and the Jordanians occupied the so-called West Bank, neither Egypt nor Jordan felt the need to create a new Arab state to be called Palestine.

Neither did the Arab residents demand it. Only after Israel defeated Arab aggression in and liberated the territories did the Arab world begin to demand the creation of a 23rd Arab state. There is, in reality, no occupation. So what do they mean when they rant and rave about Israeli occupation, unless it is a call for the very extinction of Israel itself? There is no such thing as Israeli apartheid against the Arabs. It would be an enlightening and seminal moment in these first years of the 21st century if the eyes and ears of the Israel-bashers could be opened with the realization that they have targeted the wrong nation, and that apartheid is alive and well within the Arab world.

The case for Israel — Page Alan M.

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Dershowitz — — pages The most primitive apartheid against non-Muslims is still openly practiced in some Arab countries. In Jordan, no. Jew can be a citizen or own land. Alan M. Dershowitz […] The second entity on any apartheid list would be Hamas, which is the de facto government of the Gaza Strip. Hamas too discriminates openly against women, gays, Christians. It permits no dissent, no free speech, and no freedom of religion. Every single Middle East country practices these forms of apartheid to one degree or another.

The Kingdom of Jordan, which the King himself admits is not a democracy, has a law on its books forbidding Jews from becoming citizens or owning land. Despite the efforts of its progressive Queen, women are still de facto subordinate in virtually all aspects of Jordanian life. Even more bizarre is the defense Delta offered of the practice once the story of the partnership broke. These requirements apply to anyone entering the country either by land, air or sea.

But would Delta have said the same thing had they partnered with, say, South African Airways at the height of apartheid had there been a requirement for black passengers to sit near the toilet in the back of the aircraft?

They would probably have never risked a partnership that would have passively endorsed racist policies and subjected the airline to international condemnation. Which leads to the larger question of why Saudi Arabia is always treated differently. This is pure barbarity, yet the West continues to overlook it due to Saudi wealth and our own gluttony for oil. In essence, we have allowed our morals to drown in an ocean of crude.

Yet, when Manal al-Sharif posted a video of herself driving this past May she was locked up for nine days. This extreme gender apartheid led in turn to the recent, widely-covered protests on the part of several Saudi women to publicly drive and challenge the authoritarian Wahhabi regime, pleading with Hillary Clinton to speak out on their behalf. But hey, at least the statement is a start.

But while the world applauds the rise of the Arab spring and the sprouting of the innate desire on the part of Arab brothers and sisters to live and breathe free, there is at best token American and European pressure on the Saudis to come in from the dark ages and treat women like fully-fledged human beings. The absence of leading feminist voices regularly and unrelentingly condemning the Saudis for their brutal treatment of women is particularly dispiriting. Item: The Muslim world and its enablers on the left accuse Israel of being an apartheid state.

There are Arab members of the Knesset and an Arab on the Israeli supreme court. There are Arab officers in the IDF. Israeli society, open and democratic, bears zero relationship to the South African apartheid state to which it is being compared.