Lyrical Thoughts of a Poet

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In Ancient Greece it was associated with the Apollonian element, as opposed to the revelry of the Dionysian. Although arguably the most popular form of lyric poetry in the Western tradition is the line sonnet , either in its Petrarchan or its Shakespearean form, lyric poetry appears in a variety of forms.

Ballades and villanelles are other forms of the lyric. Ancient Hebrew poetry relied on repetition, alliteration , and chiasmus for many of its effects. Although much Greek and Roman classical poetry was written in forms with set meters and strophes, Pindar 's odes seem as formless to the ear accustomed to rhyme and meter as such modern poetry as Rainer Maria Rilke 's Duino Elegies.

In some cases, the form and theme are wed, as in the courtly love aubade or dawn song in which lovers are forced to part after a night of love, often with the watchman's refrain telling them it is time to go. A common feature of lyric forms is the refrain, whether just one line or several, that ends or follows each strophe. The refrain is repeated throughout the poem, either exactly or with slight variation. Much lyric poetry depends on regular meter based either on number of syllables or on stress. The most common meters are:.

Some forms have a combination of meters, often using a different meter for the refrain. Each meter can have any number of elements, called feet. The most common meter in English is iambic pentameter, with five iambs per line. The most common in French is the alexandrin, with 12 syllables. In English, the alexandrine is iambic hexameter. Lyric poetry for the ancient Greeks had a precise and technical meaning: verse that was accompanied by the lyre. The lyric poet was classified as distinct from the writer of plays which were spoken rather than sung , the writer of trochaic and iambic verses which were recited , from the writer of elegies which were accompanied by the flute, rather than the lyre and the writer of epics.

The metrical forms characteristic of ancient Greek sung verse are strophes, antistrophes and epodes. Horace was another notable Roman poet.

Lyrical Thoughts Of A Poet

As a new literary style, chu ci abandoned the classic four-character verses used in poems of Shi Jing and adopted verses with varying lengths. This gave it more rhythm and latitude in expression. Originating in tenth century Persian, a ghazal is a poetic form consisting of couplets which share a rhyme and a refrain. Formally it consists of a short lyric composed in a single meter with a single rhyme throughout. The central subject is love. Lyric in European literature of the medieval or Renaissance period means simply a poem which has been written to be set to music. A poem's particular structure, function or theme is not specified by the term.

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The dominant form of German lyric poetry in the period was the Minnesang, "a love lyric based essentially on a fictitious relationship between a knight and his high-born lady. A bhajan or kirtan is a Hindu devotional song. Bhajans are often simple songs in lyrical language expressing emotions of love for the Divine. Notable proponents include: Kabir , Surdas and Tulsidas. Chinese Sanqu poetry was a Chinese poetic genre from the Jin Dynasty, —, through the Yuan Dynasty , , to the following Ming period. Playwrights like Ma Zhiyuan c.

This poetry was composed in the vernacular or semi-vernacular. In , the sight of a woman called Laura in the church of Sainte-Claire d'Avignon awoke in him a lasting passion, celebrated in the Rime sparse "Scattered rhymes". Thomas Campion wrote lute songs. Spanish devotional poetry adapts the lyric for religious purposes.

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Lyric is the dominant poetic idiom in seventeenth century English poetry from John Donne to Andrew Marvell. This is why poets, like lovers, must continually reinvent ways of doing the same thing over again, no matter how forceful the achievement of previous poems. What does it mean to say that knowledge is free but forever derived? How could knowledge be flowing , happening in the moment of its discovery, but at the same time flown , always having existed prior to the moment of discovery, waiting to happen again? Every lyric poem answers these questions, not with what it says but with its transformative act of saying.

This knowledge, lyric knowledge, comes to us in language that is flowing because it has flown. A poet as well as an influential literary critic and a professor of English at the University of Rochester, James Longenbach writes primarily on modernist and contemporary poetry. Her father died before she was a year old and her mother suffered He was a master stylist, employing an extraordinary vocabulary and a rigorous precision in crafting his poems. But he Much of poetic syntax is shared by like minded sharing of the subconscious of study, conscript work as success, most of what we do is unconscious putting it to order more idiosyncratic but asymmetrical in its beginnings.

Having read the essay more than once, I can't help thinking that the essay has shot a canon to kill a mouse. That the order of sentences in a given poem can alter a poem's meaning was safely established at the outset. Your argument would have been better directed at translations, where issues like these take on a real pertinence. Translators of Hiaku, such as W. Merwin, regularly invert the order of the original without the least awareness, or so it seems, of the considerable alteration in meaning their translations produce.

It's in the work of translators that Socrates' assertion is alive and well. James Longenbach keeps speaking sense. His The Virtues of Poetry is also excellent. It's wonderful to read someone who approaches formality and ambiguity with something more substantial than mere rhapsodies of vagueness.

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  4. This is an important read for every writer. Thank you for a very helpful article which I will use throughout the next year in order to improve my work. Although I prefer to write and read poems, not dissect or read what others think about them, thank you, James Longenbach, for giving voice to the not-so-obvious and difficult-to-pinpoint beauty of lyricism. Prose Home Harriet Blog.

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    Lyric Knowledge

    Prose from Poetry Magazine. Lyric Knowledge. Ideas of order in poetry. By James Longenbach. Snow sparkling like eyesight falling to earth. Lilies that fester smell far worse than weeds,. For sweetest things turn sourest by their deeds. They are the lords and owners of their faces,. How could this quiet feeling.

    Lyric Knowledge by James Longenbach | Poetry Magazine

    This is where the serpent lives, the bodiless. This is where the serpent lives. This is his nest,. These fields, these hills, these tinted distances,. And the pines above and along and beside the sea. And the serpent body flashing without the skin.

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    In the midmost midnight and find the serpent there,. This is his poison: that we should disbelieve. When he moved so slightly to make sure of sun,. Black beaded on the rock, the flecked animal,. Originally Published: February 1st, Read Full Biography. Read Issue. Related Content. Previous in Issue.

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