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Interested in the archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira? Learn about Azores travel, culture in the area and things to do in Madeira. Show More.

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The Azores are a chain of nine volcanic islands in the North Atlantic with characteristics that call to mind Hawaii, Iceland and Ireland. Across the Azores, there is a long history of man living in harmony with the nature—even converting environmental challenges and idiosyncrasies to good use. The islands share an Eden-like atmosphere but each one has a distinct personality and cultural traditions. Print this map. In Funchal's Old Town, having lunch or dinner outside is an enjoyable experience.

This is an early morning look at Funchal's harbor.

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Behing the mist and fronting the city are a string of hills that rise into the central mountains. The fort center right is the Santiago Fort, built in to protect Funchal from invaders. In it was enlarged and exclusively served military purposes until , year in which Madeira's Regional Government decided to use it for cultural activities. Today this fortress accommodates a museum and an excellent restaurant with terrace.


Shopping in Funchal's main tourist center is a recommended activity as bargains abound; this is a typical street. Unfortunately this will be my last visit to Madeira just because of what is happening to it. Quite on the contrary.

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With articles like this one, we want to inspire people to travel deeper, get a bit off the beaten path and see what the place is truly about. And yes, tourism has exploded everywhere and Madeira is not an exception.

The simple fact is that more and more people travel — Asians in particular. We want to inspire people to really get to know the place. Just in the past, they found this information in the travel guides and now they can find it online. Happy travels! Also — whether we like it or not — a big part of the 7bln people on the planet have the same dreams and now also the same possibilities to chase those dreams that in the past were not accessible to them.

I can only recommend to someone who is after a really great challenge to drive. Thanks for your insights, Ricardo. To us, driving the crazy roads in Madeira was part of the experience of what the island is really about. Hi Jurga, Illheus da Janela sounds very interesting, love secret places like that. We are taking our 3rd visit this Friday for a week. May have plans to hire a car for a day or two, this would be worth a visit for me. Hi Mark, yes, you should definitely rent a car and explore more of Madeira — there is so much to see! Enjoy your trip! This article brings back so many memories from my trip to Madeira, one of my favourites ever! Got to do some amazing diving and I absolutely loved the landscapes and the locals — ah!

Looking forward to our trip in a few weeks time. I love the helpful hints to find the non-touristy attractions that the island offers. Thanks for sharing.

Amazing posts about Madeira! Glad you found this useful, Justyna. Enjoy your time in Madeira. That sugar cane factory sounds interesting. And, I did not know you could eat limpets!!? How bizarre! Were they like Mussells? I found them better than mussels, Alex.