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Veteran Iranian photographer Kaveh Kazemi recalled snapping away with his camera as he stood behind the gate where the Iranian militant students would usher blindfolded American hostages to those gathered outside waving anti-American banners and calling for the extradition of the deposed Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

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What initially began as a sit-in devolved into days of captivity for 52 Americans seized in the embassy. It prompted President Jimmy Carter to expel Iranian diplomats and launch a failed rescue mission before the Americans were eventually released on the last day of his presidency, setting off decades of hostility amid an Islamic takeover that turned the country from a former U. S for shortages of medicines in Iran because of the sanctions.

No foreigner is a friend of Iran. They all lie. With nothing to tell the police, the young woman is consigned to a private recovery until the mystery of her identity can be unraveled.

Unfortunately, the police investigating her case run into multiple threads of blackmail, a secret agent of Her Majesty's Government, and an anarchist plot, all while trying to pierce the mystery. Can she trust the policeman on her case, Detective Barton? Or his superior officer, Sergeant Ragby? What about the MacFarlanes themselves, who seem to have something to hide Surrounded by people who may or may not be allies, she must find someone she can trust.

Ultimately, she will have to choose whether to reinvent herself and move on or dive back into her past to find out who she is.

40 years on, Iranians recall US Embassy hostage crisis

With so many parties interested in her memory, the question becomes: What does she know? She resides in Portland, OR. Memory's Hostage is her first novel. Customer Reviews Average Review. See All Customer Reviews.

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