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The AUM technique of meditation, when practiced with concentration and devotion can take you all the way to God. Another aspect of God is power or energy. Express that energy in selfless service. Whenever you strongly put out energy, you draw more energy from the surrounding cosmos. I was once struck by lightning and though physically unharmed, I was sent flying across the room and into a wall.

This kind of power, which comes with divine attunement, we see in the saints. Love is the one quality of God that draws all of His attributes. Always begin your meditation with a devotional chant and pray deeply before practicing any of the meditation techniques. When I gaze into them with love and devotion, I feel bathed in his unconditional love.

A particular affirmation helped me a lot in developing devotion. When I moved to Ananda, I was a hermit by nature.

1 Minute Devotional - How To Experience A Real Move Of God

It was easy for me to feel God in nature, but difficult to see God in other people. Try it! Wisdom is the last of the eight attributes of God.

You Must Hear From God

By wisdom is meant soul-knowledge, the understanding that life is a dream and nothing matters but love. No birth, no death, no caste have I; Father, mother, have I none. No mind, no intellect, no ego feeling; Sky, nor earth, nor metals am I. But to the extent that we are aware of these aspects and experience then in deep meditation, to that degree we know God.

This course is filled with experiential exercises, discussion, and living examples. Read our privacy policy. Ananda Sangha Europa. Virtual Community. Treasures Along the Path. The Education for Life Philosophy. Calmness Although similar to peace, calmness is a much more powerful and expansive aspect of God.

Light Many saints have experienced God as a great light. Power Another aspect of God is power or energy.

Setting Goals to Fulfill Your God-Given Purpose

Love Love is the one quality of God that draws all of His attributes. Wisdom Wisdom is the last of the eight attributes of God. Related Chanting Quiets the Mind. Visualization to Experience Soul Freedom. How Long Should I Meditate? Online Class. Ananda Worldwide. Find Ananda Near You. Kriya Yoga.

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Online Classes, Events, and Community. Retreats in the U. Abraham wanted to protect his nephew, Lot, who dwelt in the midst of them. So, he interceded for fifty righteous people by asking the Lord to have mercy on them.

Central – Church on the Move

The Lord said that if there were fifty righteous people He would not destroy the city. Abraham took advantage of the opportunity to reduce the number to ten. It is believed that the population of Sodom in that time was about ten thousand inhabitants. If so, God asked that one out of a thousand inhabitants would be righteous in order to give them protection. The intercessor has the ability to come before God on behalf of those in the minority, and to try to stop judgment coming upon them.

The Bible Sometimes Makes Things…Complicated

Lot could have easily formed a team of ten intercessors, or ten righteous people. He, his wife and his two daughters could have been the first four of the group. As a consequence, the inhabitants became a negative influence on him and on his whole family.