Real Stories of Ghouls, Werewolves & Other Shapeshifters Based on Historical Records (Vol. 1)

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In The Chosen , Rashel's bare hand brushes Quinn's, and they both receive a shivering jolt. When this occurs, their minds are forcibly opened to each other and each can explore the other's memories, thoughts, and feelings freely.

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In Huntress , it is revealed that memories can be blocked, but any lapse in concentration or excessive time in a soulmate's mind will remove the blockages. The vampires of Night World are different from conventional literature as well as those established in The Vampire Diaries novels. The main difference being the two distinctions of blood drinkers: the Lamia - pureblood or "born vampires" - and the "made vampires" who were turned. They age and can eat food as well as reproduce, but can suspend their aging process at will and become immortal.

However, if they resume aging after a significant number of years, they will immediately age to match their "true" age. Made vampires are those created through a blood exchange between a human and either a lamia or another made vampire. Made vampires are infertile, unaging, and can only drink blood. Because older adults cannot survive the transition, made vampires are quite youthful in appearance.

If a made vampire in transition does not receive enough blood from their sire while being turned, they will resurrect as a ravenous ghoul upon their imminent death. These mindless creatures are driven only by their compulsion to hunt and feed on the flesh and blood of the living. All vampires possess supernatural powers of strength and speed as well as potentially developing telepathic abilities. Sunlight weakens them, but will not kill them. Their bloodlust is rooted not in hunger but in their need to breathe as their own blood cells cannot carry oxygen.

Although they do possess great healing abilities as well as being impervious to all diseases and poisons, vampires can be killed by fire or a wooden stake through the heart.

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They cannot shapeshift into bats or be harmed by crucifixes or garlic and can enter without being invited. The original vampire was a powerful witch named Maya. Obsessed with eternal youth, she used her magics to become the first immortal by drinking the blood of infants. Her son, Red Fern, is the ancestor of the lamia. The first made vampire was a boy from Maya's tribe named Thierry. As she is the purest vampire in existence, Maya possesses abilities unknown to her descendants. This includes the ability to shapeshift into a large batlike creature similar to many fictional vampires.

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She also retains her ability to access magical forces and practice witchcraft. Despite their genealogical roots in witchcraft, vampire society is patriarchal. Lamia of the Redfern family possess a greater concentration of witch blood and are thus able to tap into the same forces as their foremother to perform a "kinship ceremony" for familial strengthening. The symbol for the lamia is not depicted in the books. Lamia such as James Rasmussen are known to carry the image of a black iris - which is the symbol for the Black Iris Club, a popular night club for the denizens of the Night World.

The symbol for made vampires is a black rose.

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Ash Redfern - One of the leading characters in the second book of the series, Ash is described as having ash-blonde hair with ever-changing eyes which he inherits depending on his mood. He is a very arrogant and lazy "bad boy" who prefers to play with humans and is very selfish; though all of that changes when he meets Mary-Lynnette Carter, his soulmate, whom he loves enough to change his entire life.

Ash leaves at the end of the book to make up for his past mistakes, planning to return to Mary-Lynnette afterwards. James Rasmussen - The second lead character in the first book, James has grey eyes and brown hair and is described as looking like James Dean by his soulmate. He is considered a "bad boy" in his school but acts like that to hide his true nature.

He has a new girlfriend every few weeks, but uses them as blood donors. When he is near his best friend, and later, soulmate, Poppy North, he is gentle and deeply cares about her, even though she is human. His cousin is Ash Redfern, to whom he is related through his mother. Jezebel "Jez" Redfern - Jez is the protagonist of the seventh book Huntress. Believing she is a full vampire, she is a leader of a Night World group that hunts humans at the beginning of the book.

She later realizes that she is half-human: her mother was a human and her father was a vampire. She has long, curly, flaming red hair and silvery-blue eyes.

She is described as being stubborn and hotheaded by her soulmate, Morgead Blackthorn, the second leader of her group. She is a cousin of James and Ash. Jez is the first Wild Power. Morgead Blackthorn - Morgead is Jez's soulmate and is seventeen years old. He is conceited, hotheaded, stubborn, and power-hungry. Morgead is the second leader of the group that hunts humans.

His mother left when he was young and he tries to hide the loneliness this made him feel. He has gem-green eyes and dark hair. He hates humans, though later joins Circle Daybreak when he realises that his best friend and soulmate is half-human, as well as a Wild Power.

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They run away from a small island to Briar Creek in order to live as normal people rather than be controlled. In the process they meet Mary-Lynnette Carter, who in fact turns out to be Ash's soulmate, and her brother, Mark, whom Jade claims is her soulmate. Rowan is the oldest of the family and is gentle and caring with chestnut-coloured hair and sweet brown eyes.

Kestrel is the opposite, with long, golden hair and golden eyes. She is described by Mary-Lynnette as a real Night World member, as she enjoys hunting and acts carelessly. Jade is the youngest sister and has long, silvery-blonde hair, which she uses to hide her face; people take this as shyness, but it is really an act she uses to hide her inner feelings. She has green eyes and is bubbly. Delos Redfern - Delos is the unknown prince of the secret Dark Kingdom and is the great-great-grandson of Hunter Redfern. He is very strong and is the second Wild Power.

Unlike the other Wild Powers, he discovered his powers as a child, causing his father to view him as a secret weapon rather than as his son. Delos hates humans and mixing with others, and even though people think of him as a selfish boy, he feels vulnerable on the inside. He has yellow eyes and black hair and is the soulmate of a human girl called Maggie Neely, the protagonist of the eighth book Black Dawn. John Quinn - Quinn is the cold-hearted heir of Hunter Redfern. He is unsympathetic to humans, despite the fact that he used to be one, until he meets his soulmate Rashel Jordan, who happens to be the most feared vampire hunter in Night World history.

Quinn was born in Boston in the s and was turned by Hunter Redfern after falling in love with Redfern's daughter, Dove. He was turned without consent, and is scared, confused and angry when he wakes up in Redfern's cabin. He escapes and goes to his father for help, but Quinn's father tries to kill him, accidentally staking Dove instead.

After that, Quinn thinks of himself only as a vampire.

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Quinn has black hair and black eyes. Poppy North - Poppy is the protagonist of the first book Secret Vampire. She is James Rasmussen's childhood friend and later his soulmate. They have been best friends since they were four years old. Poppy is stubborn and quite hyper, as well as curious about the world. She always believed she would marry James when they grew up and secretly loves him. She has coppery curly hair with green eyes and is the twin sister of Phillip North. She was turned into a vampire by James after they discovered she was dying of stage three pancreatic cancer.

Her twin Phillip was opposed to this plan. However, he allowed it when he realized it was the only way to save his sister. Poppy and her brother are found to be lost witches from their father's side of the family. Thierry Descouedres - Thierry holds the title "Lord of the Night World" and was the first made vampire.

He was the second vampire in existence after Maya. He found his soulmate, an Old Soul named Hannah, soon after he was turned and has spent the thousands of years he has been alive in a continuous cycle of waiting for her to be reincarnated, searching for her, then having her die before her seventeenth birthday.

It is a repetition of an ill-fated accident that happened during her first lifetime. She was accidentally killed by Thierry that first time and intentionally murdered by Maya in every lifetime after.

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It is a cycle he is desperate to break. Thierry has dark eyes and mid-long blond hair which he wears in a ponytail. He is the leader of Circle Daybreak and plans to recruit all the Wild Powers in order to win the final battle. He was changed by Maya in the stone age because she felt she was in love with him, the same reason she repeatedly kills Thierry's soulmate through all of her lifetimes. His original name was Theorn, and he belonged to the witch tribe led by Maya's sister Hellewise. The witches of the Night World novels are largely based on the neo-pagan religion of Wicca as well as the Goddess Movement. They are a matriarchy which traces its lineage to the first tribe of sorceresses ruled by Hecate Witch-Queen and later her daughter, Hellewise Hearth-Woman.

All witches are considered "daughters of Hellewise" by virtue of having inherited her teachings.