Si tu existes ailleurs (FICTION FRANCAI) (French Edition)

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I love the French mindset.

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  3. Le camp des Saints, de Jean Raspail, un succès de librairie raciste? - L'Express.
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Are you stuck with the merchandise?? Au secours!!! Excellent post Garance!! But man…it was an uphill battle and I still fight it everyday!

Alliance Française de Hong Kong - 網上圖書館目錄

When I lived in New York, the whole dating thing blew my mind. I expecially could not get over how normal it seemed for people to just randonly ask you out on the street or in a cafe. I know people who live in NY and what you wrote in this post captures the big picture of what they have been telling me over the years. It must be hard coping with that pressure. Plus, it almost feels that relations are dehumanised. Remember to write us about how fashion week has changed, this year especially!

I am looking forward to hearing about that! Also will you ever do a more detailed piece on your home Corsica, i remember seeing a really beautiful woman on your blog who was from there? I think you said you looked up to her when you was young on the island! You always seem very emotional when you write about it though, so no pressure. Also can not wait for Pardon My French! Gonna have a cup of tea now and read some other posts!

London Love not at all complicated — Nadia. Ah aha ha, merci beaucoup Garance!!! Like you, Garance. Je te souhaite de te trouver le mec le plus cool du monde mais le vrai cool pas le faux A post to make me smile and wince in equal measure. Garance, thank-you! It was a different time.

We are more than all of this.


Love your insight. Wonderfully TRUE post. My very best friend fell in love in Paris with a French man and that is exactly how it played out. In my opinion, the French do everything right ;. I adore this post! It has to be worst in N. Y times worst but most of societies have an elite that can be like that. And we can always survive all the nonsense and even be happy there. Just look for the right people, the ones with soul and rational thinking! Oh come on, Garance!

Trois citations pour lire... Si tu existes ailleurs ! ♣

Plus, who wants to be with a guy or be friends with a girl that needs you to fulfill all of these requirements just to have a relationship with them? There is just so much wrong with this post! It reduces every human interaction whether it be for love or friendship to what we have — i.

Le camp des Saints, de Jean Raspail, un succès de librairie raciste?

I say this as someone who loves looking beautiful, having nice things, but at the same time I just cannot comprehend this crowd! What about being funny? I would never want a man who judges me purely on a tick list of material items.

I liked this post until I got to the paragraph saying that women have to be skinny and muscular in order to be considered perfect. NO no no!

Sad perception of perfect. I spent a year in the States no, not in NYC, but it was equally weird experience as regards romance and could not understand a single thing about dating rules. OMG, how can people complicate the simplest things like romance? So thankful to live in Europe : Once again: congratulations on a wonderful post! Bravo pr ce post hillarant!!!! Xxx soph. Superbe edito Garance, merci.

Reste cool Garance tu es par-faite! Hum moi je suis francaise et mariee a un vrai new yokais, genre ne a Brooklyn, depuis 10 ans. On a fait plein de changements dans sa vie et maintenant il est super heureux! I also believe that everyone has their story, no one is perfect, thatS an illusion!!! Alors vis ta vie Garance!!! Sois heureuse! Je suis bien decue que le Bhutan abandonne sa poursuite du bonheur comme objectif!

I love this city, love love love it. But dating here ughhh not so much.


Everyone has their own agenda. As if success was measured buy the level of perfectness, when it comes to fulfilling every. Well, I lived there a couple years so, been there done that. I am not french but I have always felt instinctual when it comes to men and potential relationships and if it feels right, you click and enjoy each others company then you really have something that is at least worth exploring.

That said, my boyfriend was patiently persistent with me over a course of a year. It wasnt instinctual for me but once I opened by heart to the opportunity I could suddenly see him in a whole new light that allowed for something amazing to grow!

Loved reading this…. Thankyou for a beautifully written article. Great writing, dear Garance! My life has nothing in common with yours in NYC. But, I can relate, really! I realize that visiting and living there are two different things, but despite everything bizarre you mentioned in your post, I can tell how much you are intrigued by the City. The dating part you described is happening right now everywhere in America, if you live in a somewhat bigger city.

But this country is very diverse and despite all the classifications and generalizations , you notice those , who stay true to themselves : honest, curious, witty and open to everything new. And you are one of them, Stay cool and not perfect and enjoy your NYC, the way you see it and love it.

Il y a un dosage parfait entre photos de mode et de lifestyle, articles de racontage de vie avec humour, descriptifs de tendances etc.

Etats-Uniens ou Américains, that is the question

American Psycho bonjour! I love this post. And I think this is why I should have been French. Could be interesting. Ahh how I wish dating were as simple in Canada as in France! And now you have to guess who belongs in which category and act appropriately! I believe in you, Garance. All you can do is be authentic, be yourself, and I know everything will fall in line. Great post, Garance!! O M G this post gives me so much anxiety!!! Good luck! I loved this post — especially the boxed non-box section at the bottom. Actually, I still kind of am.