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Employees who spoke up against dubious practices were ousted, while the collective failure to challenge the same practices resulted in the newspaper being closed and hundreds of jobs being lost.

Speak truth to power | Conversational Leadership

Meanwhile their leaders resigned, having accepted millions of pounds in severance pay. Now consider the same scenario in your organisation. Are you being asked to do the impossible by your boss? Is he or she oblivious to your requests to be reasonable? Do you have information that they really need to hear? Do you go out on a limb to challenge your boss or accept that there is nothing you can do? Do you risk losing your job for failing to get that message across? Bosses have many means to intimidate — by position, power, personality or even wealth and a sense of entitlement.

And even if they do not openly intimidate, most executives expect and assume that employees will not question them and company policy, or, if they do, that they will go quietly. Albert O. In truth, most people choose option three, the path of least resistance. This was the story at the NoW: its leaders probably turned a blind eye, staff swallowed their moral objections and did what they had to, knowing that lacked the power to change things and that they would probably be punished if they attempted to do so.

What are your thoughts on telling truth to power?

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What are your experiences or observations? Do you have a real voice in your organisation? As always, your thoughts and comments illuminate, inform and develop the discussion — so I look forward to hearing them! Gill Corkindale is an executive coach and writer based in London, focusing on global management and leadership.

She was formerly management editor of the Financial Times. Gill Corkindale. Tesla's Cybertruck arrives with one minor hitch. The internet is sharply divided over whether the latest addition to the Tesla fleet is super tight or ridiculously pointy looking—but we can all agree that its not-so-shatterproof window demonstration was a cringeworthy self-own.

Elon Musk is determined to remake the world. And with an industry-spanning, multibillion-dollar business empire, Musk possesses the tools and influence necessary to do just that—for better or worse. Learn everything about his ambitions in this members exclusive. Hong Kong prepares for its only truly democratic election. Undark reports experimental therapies show promising results for those suffering from sickle cell anemia and beta-thalassemia, another genetic disorder that affects blood proteins.

The US has a new weapon in the fight against antibiotic resistance. The country has upgraded its public health laboratories with new technology, allowing scientists to more quickly track down—and even predict—new sources of dangerous antibiotic-resistant outbreaks in the food supply. Why an academic collective convinced Google to hire philosophers.

As the rise of artificial intelligence makes us grapple with what it means to be human, tech companies need philosophers and artists working alongside computer and software engineers. Must every office phone booth feel like an upright coffin? A sealed-off stall for making private calls is a clunky solution to compensate for the architectural pitfalls of ill-conceived open-plan offices.

But like it or not, they are here to stay. Yemen is suffering the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet. A civil war raging since has placed most of its 30 million citizens in dire need. But workers trying to alleviate its humanitarian disaster have to somehow use optimism as a tool. One of the things I love more about reporting internationally is that I think I am more open to learning lessons from the people I meet who aren't in positions of leadership, or renowned expertise. They are just humans going through life, sometimes the hardest aspects of it, with incredible wisdom and kindness.

Remembering Sri Lanka before the civil war.

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Tony Robbins accused of sexually assaulting a teen. A BuzzFeed News investigation details allegations that the self-help guru assaulted a high school student when he was at a summer camp in An Indian godman flees after child abuse charge. PayPal gains millions of female users with its latest acquisition. The payments company has acquired Honey, an online platform for coupons rewards, and price tracking.

Google's guessing game

Modeling million years of East Asian monsoons. NYC's subway entrances are getting flooded As part of a preparedness programme, they were testing a barrier that could seal off subway entrances in the event of a major flood. This involves the creation of artificial offshore.

How do you speak truth to power?

This involves the creation of artificial offshore breakwaters seeded with oysters, which will then grow into reefs. The reefs will act to break up dangerous storm waves, helping to protect the city. People forget that New York in a previous life was the epicentre of a massive oyster trade — killed by overfishing and pollution — with years of dredging destroying the natural barrier of the native oyster habitat which was once there.

Parent company L Brands announced the televised production—held annually since —has been canceled as the brand struggles to update its image, Business Insider reports. Shoppers are warming to home-grown brands as the country's spending power rises, boosting Chinese labels into the ranks of the world's top fashion companies. I was asking for advice on shoes from a colleague the other day, who is also a marathon runner. It's also much better quality and lasts longer. Ever since Nike manufactures its shoes in Vietnam, the product quality is dropping low.

Now 11 months and kilometers past, it is still satisfying. The new "shifting attitudes in favor of local brands by Chinese consumers" is not only happening in sportswear and fashion wear but also home appliances, mobile devices, and cultural products such as movies and games.

Indeed, a more rational evaluation of "value for money, innovation in design and quality, and customer service" result in a preference for local brands, especially among China's millennium customers. Another factor in play here is that the new generation's needs for self-expression are no longer linear. In the past, a high social and wealthy status was tightly attached to one's usage of foreign brands. However, now their identity-expression needs are multi-dimensional, such as a need to appear "trendy," "green," "different," "cool," "original," or even "patriotic.

They sponsor a few NBA players shoes - most notably Dwayne Wade - but their other sneakers are really wild and out there not for the faint of heart. It takes courage to speak up, but it takes goodwill to get heard. Love this topic. It's so so rare for people to speak truth to power particularly in the corporate arena.


Talking About Truth and Power

While you can learn how to do this more effectively, first you have to be the kind of person who thinks its the right thing to do. You also have to be willing to pay the price if they dont want to. You also have to be willing to pay the price if they dont want to hear what you have to say. Most people believe the less they say the more secure they are. The real question is do you have the courage to speak And if you have the capital to do so. But even then you have to be willing to be excused from the table I do not know how I missed this article. It is such an important subject.

Every institution is made better by people willing to raise tough issues with those in senior positions in the institution. If two people I respect had not commented on this subject, I would never have seen it.