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A Geriatrician’s Advice on Sleep Problems and Dementia

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Causes Coping strategies Causes Nighttime restlessness doesn't last forever. Approach him or her in a calm manner.

Wandering mind not a happy mind

Find out if there is something he or she needs. Gently remind him or her of the time. Avoid arguing.

http://golfwabasca.ca/sites/default/pfiles/fort/chat-para-ligar-adolescentes-gratis.php Offer reassurance that everything is all right. Don't use physical restraint.

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  • If the person needs to pace, allow this to continue under your supervision. Read more about Hallucinations. Read more about Repetition.

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    Whether or not this is true is out of your hands, and staying positive is both productive and will give you peace of mind. Always see defeat as an invitation to work harder.

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    • If you see defeat as proof that you are not good enough, you will never be good enough, so just don't allow it to ruin your spirit. Nothing great will come out of believing that you are incapable of greatness. Even if this takes years, you're not behind because life is not a race. This just digs a deeper hole of sadness.

      Be strong in trying times; persevere through challenges and remain hopeful through uncertainty. Your mind will pave the way when your heart is strong.